I am a forty plus software developer currently residing in the DC Metro region.

My primary software development interests are in software modularization, data management design, and system design, particularly in developing house keeping tasks of backend subsystems. I mostly work with Ubuntu systems, Vagrant, Virtualbox, bash, python, Node.js, and postgresql 9.4+ among other things, but do not shy away from other technologies such as Java servlets, perl, c, and others to name a few.

I also like to play music, particularly my electric bass. My most current instrument is a Sterling R.A.Y. 4 (pictured as my main blog picture). Although I play guitar and drums occasionally, I now mostly play my bass. I do  not currently play in a group, but would like to do some recording.

When I have time, I also try to apply my artistic expressions in my creative endeavors. I used to draw cartoons with my brother, Chip. That is an activity that I have not yet the time to jump into. I am trying to get my 5+ year old son to get into it, but his interests are not as deep as mine were at his age.

I also like to cook.